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At Nowak Tours, we pride ourselves on designing trips that are as enjoyable and carefree as possible for our travelers. We offer customized itineraries, so our travelers can enjoy a trip that meets all of their needs as well as their budget. Nearly all of our tours include a Company Tour Manager on each motor coach from departure to return, which allows your staff to maximize their time with their group members, leaving the logistics and trip details to us.

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Florida offers a vast variety of sites to see. Here are some common options but if you don't see a particular site you'd like to visit, just give us a call and we'll be happy to accommodate your needs.

Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach
Seasonally heated pools make Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach great places to visit any time of the year. From thrilling water slides like, Humunga Kowabunga, to relaxing on the Castaway Creek ride, this park is sure to have something for everyone. If your group isn’t into water slides, they can spend time at other attractions in the park, such as the Shark Reef. Here they can snorkel around a reef while observing the tropical fish that are swimming with alongside.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom
Visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom and enjoy an experience like no other. Take a safari ride and see the animals of Africa on the Kilimanjaro Safari or enter the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail to explore the mammals, birds, and fish of East Africa. And, if your group members are real thrill seekers, Disney’s Animal Kingdom has exciting rides such as the Primeval Whirl. This spinning roller coaster sends riders through a maze of curves, hills and drops. Whatever it is that your group enjoys, animal kingdom has plenty for everyone.

Disney’s Magic Kingdom
A visit to Disney’s Magic Kingdom is just what thrill seekers need. Enjoy the many exciting rides such as the Astro Orbiter, Thunder Mountain Railroad, Extra Terrestrial Alien Encounter, Space Mountain and Splash Mountain. If rides are too much for your group, there are many other attractions such as the Cinderella Castle, Enchanted Tiki Room, Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean, and so much more. Nobody can be disappointed with a visit to the Magic Kingdom!

Disney Epcot Center
Come see an amazing variety of attractions and live performances. In a constantly changing technology based world, it is hard to keep up with everything new to the market. Epcot’s Innovations shows your group what is in the making that they will see on the store shelves within the next decade. At Epcot, visitors can do everything from enjoy a flight simulator to take a ride on the high speed Test Track. With rides, shows, and hands on exhibits, Epcot will be a favorite of everyone.

Disney Hollywood Studios
The glitz and glamour of the Hollywood Heydays from the 1930s and ’40s are captured by the neon, chrome, art deco, and modern architecture throughout Disney’s Hollywood Studios Theme Park. The streets and sections of the 4 areas of the park blend together like a large, bustling movie set. Attractions at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Theme Park, centered on stardom and spectacle, include high-speed rides, high-octane stunt shows and hilarious live performances.

Cocoa Beach
At one of the most famous beach vacation spots, your group can enjoy twelve miles of beautiful white sandy beach. As a result of the consistent waves at Cocoa Beach, visitors are left with many different activities to choose from: surfing, body boarding, windsurfing, ride a jet ski, deep sea fish, swim in the crystal clear waters, or enjoy a sunny afternoon laying out on the beach. Make a stop at the world famous Ron Jon Surf Shop for some great beach apparel after enjoying some fun in the sun!

Universal Studios Movie Theme Park
You’re the star at Universal Studios, the number one movie and TV based theme park in the world. At this real film and television studio your group can go behind the scenes, beyond the screen and right into the action of some of their favorite movies. Whether they’re a fan of high-powered excitement, side-splitting comedies or heart-warming children’s tales, nobody puts visitors in the picture like Universal Studios Movie Theme Park!

Disney Softball
Disney does what it can to support a sport that is growing rapidly in the United States: softball. The facilities at the Disney Wide World of Sports Complex are top notch and the fields are very well maintained. With many slow pitch and fast pitch tournaments throughout the year, your team’s players will be involved with great competition. This is one experience that will not only be beneficial to the team, but it will also never be forgotten. The complex has programs for many other sports, as well, and is not limited to softball.

Universal Studios Islands of Adventure
Take a fabulous voyage to five different islands in this park. At the Marvel Super Hero Island, your group can see all their favorite super heroes take on menacing villains. Then go to the greatest place for nonstop fun and antics on the island of Toon Lagoon. Visitors can then take a journey with all of the dinosaurs they learned about as a kid on the island of Jurassic Park. Seuss Landing is an island about all of the crazy Dr. Seuss stories we grew up with. Last but not least, your group must move onto the island of the Lost Continent. Here they can explore the greatest myths and legends of all time. Each island is packed with adventurous rides and tons of fun!

Disney’s Magic Music Days
Join performing groups from around the world as your group tries to make it to the big show. Compete for the chance of a lifetime as your band, cheerleaders, choir, orchestra, etc…, performs in hopes of winning the chance that they have all been waiting on. They can be the best of the best, and win the honor of performing in a Disney show. Of course, winning is not everything, but it will at least be a fabulous experience for all who enter.

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Distance from Cleveland
1035 miles
Travel Time from Cleveland
19 hours and 30 minutes including stops
Typical Trip Length
6 days
Most Popular Attractions
Walt Disney World, Universal Studios