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3 Travel Tips We Think Are Missing from the Internet

Every month, we scour the internet looking for travel tips to share with you. In all of our learning and reading, we have come to realize that for all the tips about flying, the best travel apps, bringing extra socks, etc., there are a few tips that seem to be missing.

Having done a lot of travel ourselves, we often chuckle and nod our heads as we read stories and pro travel tips from fellow travelers. Occasionally, we come across new travel tips which we, of course, love because we love learning more about what we’re passionate about!

We’re adding these three essential travel tips that we think are missing from the plethora of information about travel.

1. Forgiveness is a must-have when traveling with another person (or persons).

It can be really easy to get caught up in the thought, “What a great experience I am having” and forget about the fact that it’s an experience that we are sharing. Whether you’re traveling with friends or strangers, sometimes people can get on each other’s nerves.

That’s okay, it happens. We’re only human. We find it helps to remind ourselves about the fellow humans with which we’re traveling. They have expectations and fears and hopes and loves just like you, and taking a breath to remember that can keep your time and the whole trip enjoyable.


2. Flexibility will get you far.

Traveling opens you up to wonderful possibilities and strange happenstances. Remaining open to adjusting a plan even by 10 or 15 minutes can lead to something even greater than the original plan allotted for. And you never know, you might end up befriending an Icelandic goat herder.


3. Don’t let sharing with your digital community dictate how you spend your time.

We as humans crave connection. It’s a proven fact. The digital age has expanded that connection beyond some of our ancestors’ wildest dreams and we think that’s incredible.

We can be touring a museum and within seconds, let all our friends know that we just learned a crazy fact about ancient Mesopotamia. We can make everyone in snowy Ohio jealous of our sun-soaked time on the Hawaiian beach while sipping pineapple juice with our feet in the Pacific. It’s beautiful, convenient, and awesome.

But it’s so easy to want to prove to our digital community that we are having fun, going on daring adventures, and learning new facts. They did ask for updates, after all, right? We’re not suggesting you don’t share stories and photos with your friends, but rather just to be aware of how much of your vacation time is spent not vacationing.


Do you have any travel tips you think the internet is missing out on? Let us know!

Written for Nowak Tours by Guest Blogger, Caylie Mindling.