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How To Fit Your Life Into a Carry-On

Packing is usually the bane of every traveler’s life; I know it is in mine. It doesn’t matter how little you think you’re taking, there doesn’t seem to be that much empty space left in your pack. This is especially true when you only want to take carry-on baggage and you’re limited on size and weight. However, there are ways in which you can maximize your packing and still include everything you need for a life on the road – even with just cabin baggage.

So here are some handy hints on how to pack your life into a carry-on.

1. Plan ahead.

Really think about the destination where you’re going and what the weather will be like. Do you really need a heavy pair of jeans if you’re going to be in over 100-degree heat? Similarly, a pair of flip-flops isn’t going to be that useful if you’re wandering around New York mid-December. Also, consider the number of items. There’s no need to take 14 T-shirts with you; cut the number down to three or four and wash them as you go.

2. Base your wardrobe around a couple of key pieces.

So you have a favorite pair of pants? Only take that pair and then form three or four outfits around them. Then also choose other pieces, such as a skirt or some shorts, and see if you can match them to the others. This will help you cut down on the number of items you take and will also mean that even when some of them are in the wash, you’ll be able to find pieces that go together.

3. Roll your clothes or use compression bags.

It’s now a well-known fact that rolling your clothes will save space in your pack, plus they will generally stay less creased. However, if you still find that you’re running out of space, you can use compression bags. These help squash everything down and also have the extra benefit of you being able to separate clean and dirty clothing easily.

4. Only pack travel-sized toiletries.

Taking small bottles of shampoo and shower gel will definitely save a lot of space and weight in your carry-on. Most hotels and hostels offer toiletries these days so it’s easy enough to top off whatever you have if you start running low. Failing that, you can pick up replacements from most general stores.

5. Limit the number of electricals you take.

We’re living in a technological world and it’s hard for us to imagine being without all our devices for an extended period. But do you really need to take your phone, camera, tablet, and laptop away with you? Unless you’re specifically going on a photography trip or will be working when you’re away, a decent smartphone or tablet should be able to offer you everything you need while you’re on the road. This will save on weight and also your peace of mind, as electronics can attract thieves.

If you follow these tips, you should have no problems fitting your life into your carry-on bag, saving space, weight, and most of all time when you arrive at your destination.