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At Nowak Tours, we pride ourselves on designing trips that are as enjoyable and carefree as possible for our travelers. We offer customized itineraries, so our travelers can enjoy a trip that meets all of their needs as well as their budget. Nearly all of our tours include a Company Tour Manager on each motor coach from departure to return, which allows your staff to maximize their time with their group members, leaving the logistics and trip details to us.

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Tour Manager of the Month: Vicki Melega

CONGRATS, Vicki! You’re Tour Manager of the Month!

Vicki is in her 13th year managing tours for us. Prior to coming on board to Nowak Tours, she was a high school English teacher. Since Nowak Tours is a seasonal responsibility for Vicki, she also gets the pleasure of working simultaneously in retail and as a Shaklee Distributor.


Q: What is the funniest thing that has happened to you while on one of our tours?

A: Several years ago on our way to Washington, D.C.. we received word that a powerful storm had hit our destination area and there was no electrical power. We pulled 6 or 7 buses into a Wal-Mart and bought flashlights for all the Tour Managers and the chaperones. Upon arrival at our hotel, we had to unload the buses and check students into their rooms via the flashlights! Power was restored in the early morning hours and all the lights came on waking many sleepers. It was a unique adventure.

Q: What is your favorite place (local or vacation spot) to go with family or friends?

A:  My favorite new vacation spot is Nashville, TN. There’s music, museums and great parks everywhere. Arrington Winery, just southeast of Nashville, is a beautiful spot for a picnic and wine sampling.

Q: Any random thoughts or fun facts you would like to share?

A: Don’t just “share the facts” on your trips.  Be a good listener with the students and your chaperones.  You can learn a lot of interesting things on every trip.  Be flexible and the trips will run more smoothly despite any “challenges” that arise.

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication, Vicki!