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Travel Tips: Best Travel Apps

As we head into our busiest season we thought we’d prepare you by showing you travel tips and ideas. Our first post on the topic deals with something we know our travelers will appreciate: Travel Apps. From students to seniors – all of these applications are great to know about. Whether you use them or not is entirely up to you.

Take advantage of the resources that are literally at your fingertips. Travel is always well worth it but the planning and navigating of your destination can be a hassle at times. Make your next trip easier by using the best mobile travel applications your phone has to offer. Did we mention that all of these apps are free? What’s easier than touching a few places on a screen and having all the information you need right in the palm of your hand?

Our Favorite Travel Apps:


Don’t forget a single item on your next trip away! If you have trouble organizing for your next big trip or fall into the trap of overpacking, Packpoint is an app that you could use. Get rid of your pen and paper checklist and use Packpoint to organize the items you will be taking along on your adventure. The app isn’t just your average packing checklist. Input your trip information, along with activities you plan on doing while you’re away like hiking or swimming, even input life details like child information or your work schedule while on vacation. After this information is added, Packpoint will help you create a list of
items you may want to bring along on your trip away. This app even checks the weather for you and advises what type of clothing to pack. Packpoint is full of great features like a simple interface and the ability to share your list with others who are traveling with you.



This isn’t your typical navigation application. New cities can be confusing, and it is a hassle to ask locals how to get around town. Citymapper will make you a master city navigator. This free app allows you to check out the entire city just like other navigation apps, but to make your life even easier Citymapper updates public transportation in real time, suggests what type of transportation to take to your destination, and suggests the best walking and biking routes if the subway or bus isn’t your style. Citymapper is the perfect example of a travel app: easy to use, saves you time, and make your life easier while away from home.



The simplest and, depending on your luck, the most helpful application this list has to offer. Flying is a pain and airlines are reluctant to make it any easier on the traveling public. If you fall victim to a cancelled or delayed flight, it is likely that your airline will compensate you in some way. Most people are aware of this but do not take the time to file a claim with your airline. This is where AirHelp comes in. The app allows you to simply input your flight information, after a delay or cancellation, and it will file a compensation claim for you. Don’t take time to do it yourself and still manage to get back at those pesky airlines!



Airports and dealing with flights are bad enough, it is even worse doing it on an empty stomach. In many cases, people are on a strict time schedule while at an airport. Save yourself some time and get a bite to eat with Grab. This app allows you to check out restaurants and their menus, in the airport you are in. You can even choose a restaurant and Grab will help you navigate through the terminal to arrive at your eatery of choice. A simple and useful mobile application for those of you who find yourself with little free time at the airport.



Whether you are traveling, or you want to check to make sure a loved one is safe, Geosure can do just that. This application allows the user to check the location they are in or plan on going to for it’s safety score. The safety score depends on many things. Basic crime, health risks, political uprisings, and environmental factors all impact a locations safety score. Crowd-sourced information that constantly stays up to date keeps you in the loop at any location. Truly and app that can allow you to worry less when you’re in an unknown area.



Owned by Facebook, WhatsApp is a common communication application that allows you to call or text from anywhere using a cell number. The only catch to this application is that all parties attempting to communicate via WhatsApp must have the application. You cannot send a text message from WhatsApp to somebody who does not use the application. Typically for international travel, WhatsApp is the perfect communication application to stay in touch with your loved ones at home. No need to pay the fees for an international phone plan while this app is alive and well.


 We hope these travel apps help you on your next journey and while most of them are guide-based to get you where you’re going you can always rest assure that with any tour we take you on, your Nowak Tour Manager will make sure to get you where you need to go. If you already use one of these apps and love it, we’d love to know, too! Let us know on our Facebook Page which is your favorite.